<div class="highlight"><pre><span></span><span class="gh"># Quickpaste</span> A dead simple code sharing tool. <span class="gu">## Features</span> <span class="gs">**Syntax highlighting**</span> There is automatic language detection, but sometimes it gets it wrong. To override the language, just add or edit a file extension to the url. <span class="gs">**Line highlighting**</span> Click on a line number to highlight and target the line with the # part of the URL. Control+Click (Command+Click on mac) a line to highlight it without targeting it (This can be done to as many lines as you like). Click on a highlighted line to un-highlight it. <span class="gs">**Does not totally break without JavaScript**</span> No JavaScript is required to use the basic features of pasting code, saving it, copying the link to share or targetting lines. But Shift-Clicking to highlight lines without targetting, and un-highlighting lines (for example if someone shared a link with you pre-highlighted) will not work. <span class="gs">**CLI Script**</span> [<span class="nt">Here is a cli script for creating pastes from the command line.</span>](<span class="na">https://quickpaste.net/cli.py</span>) Note: only python 3.8 is tested. Just download it, rename it to <span class="sb">`quickpaste`</span>, mark it as executable, and put it somewhere in the path. <span class="gu">## FAQ</span> <span class="gs">**Are the snippets stored forever?**</span> NO! They are deleted after one week(ish). <span class="gs">**Is the code available?**</span> [<span class="nt">github project</span>](<span class="na">https://github.com/carc1n0gen/quickpaste</span>) </pre></div>